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Possible Solutions For Sleep Apnea

Being unable to sleep can ruin your days at work and in life. If you discover the cause of your sleeplessness is sleep apnea, though, not only might you be tired, but you may worry. Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing actually comes to a stop throughout the night; left alone it could lead to serious health issues. Finding solutions is imperative, and these possible life changes could get you to sleep and keep you healthy.

Lose Weight

As you put on more weight, it's not always easy for the airway to remain open, particularly during sleep. Even modest weight loss could enable your muscles and tissues to remain taut and strong enough to handle your body weight and allow your airway to get enough breath at any time of day. Begin exercising and eat healthier foods daily.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Once your weight is under control, bear in mind that sleep apnea could threaten your success. When you aren't sleeping well, due to apnea or other issues, the hormones leptin and ghrelin are released into your body more often. Those hormones can make you think you're hungry; you may have a huge appetite and want to eat more than if your sleep patterns were under control. Be even more committed to making smart, healthy choices.

Wear Mask

A suggestion your physician probably offered upon your sleep apnea diagnosis was to purchase and wear a mask during sleep. You might have thought it would be hard or impossible to sleep at all. However, from silicone models to gel cushions, a CPAP mask should help you.

If you buy one and do have a problem with it, remember you could have selected the wrong type of mask or that you aren't getting add-ons that could ensure comfortable wear. For example, you may have gone with a nose-only mask when a full face model would have been more appropriate. You might not have invested in the humidifier necessary to keep your mouth and nose from getting too dry. Try on a number of CPAP masks until you get one you can use regularly.

Your physician should be happy for you to use this information and adjust some of your life choices. They can also recommend a sleep apnea procedure that would enlarge the airway and remove some tissue. Discuss all options so you are dealing better with this condition.